Realising ideas for efficient work processes

The search and finding for the best, future-oriented solution has accompanied us from the beginning. It is the challenges and desires that, by cooperation with farmers, create innovative ideas. In order to manage the daily job in barns and achieve success, we are continuously working with our customers and business partners.

SPS controlling for effective manure removal

An easy-to-use SPS technique controls the work, either automatically or manually. All the required parameters e.g. running time or corridor length can be programmed. This will include anti-freeze protection, discharge claps and cattle drive functions and a monitoring function of power reducing which controls the wear of drive wheels, steel chain and corner wheels.

Over-path-bridge for discharge shaft

Developed for long corridors, in which a manure hole can be placed in the middle. Combined with flexible separation bars, the platform above manure holes enhances movability and safe work processes. The animals can cross the manure hole at ease, without having to change direction. For waste or manure removal, the platform lifts itself up and sets back in position afterwards – A clean solution