Manure handling systems

For solid and liquid manure, with or without litter, for slatted, closed or rubber floors and also for stable lengths up to 200 meters. Suitable for the respective animal husbandry and stable BEEREPOOT scraper systems take care of clean areas and alleys. With powerful technology and strong plant components for a long-term and safe operating procedure. Manuel or automatic operate with individual SPS-control to save time and costs..


Combi scraper systems developed for barns with closed alleys. BEEREPOOT combi scrapers take care of clean alleys, less emissions and best stable climate.  Robust and with latest technology the scraper wings adjust by cleaning the alleys with a slope.

By closed floors with rubber castors prevent a damage of the rubber coating. Because of the special PU-rubber rail is also on floors with rubber an optimal cleaning guaranteed.

Scraper widths from 200 up to 500 cm

Because of the perfect floor and width adjustment the Beerepoot combi scraper are available for most different situations. With a fixed cow grade or barrier it assist with a stress less driving of the cows between waiting area and milking parlour and in the same time it cleans the alley without disturbing the animals. 

For alley widths from 200 up to 850 cm

The folding scraper is perfectly suited for barns with straw litter. Scraper wings flexibly mounted to the center piece has the advantage of compensating differences in the alley width and allows a cleaned floor.

By folding the scraper in the return, it takes no bedding material backwards. In addition, the animals are hardly restricted, so that the cleaning causes no unrest.

Scraper widths from 250 up to 480 cm

Constructed for clean bull-mast stables and automatic operation. The litter mixed with faeces and urine serves a comfortable bed surface. By a slight slope of the surface, the animals tread down this solid manure and push it in the alley where the folding scraper drops it in the discharge channel.  

Specially mounted scraper wings adapt to the alley slope.


  • Synchronisation with cross channel; for reducing of emissions and animal-friendly husbandry

Scraper widths from 250 up to 480 cm

For cleaning closed alleys, the manure is pushed to a discharge channel, which is secured by the discharge flaps. These open through a mechanical device on the combi scraper, so that manure, silage or straw rests are dropped – a simple and clean solution. By moving the scraper backwards, the discharge flap closes automatically. This ensures high safety for the animals and comfortable driving on with up to 3t axle load.

Flap widths from 250 up to 450 cm

At long alleys the discharge channel can be placed in the middle or at the end. For this is the over-path bridge for discharge shafts developed which can also be used with hinged partition barriers.  Best walkability of the floor and safe operations are taken into account. Synchronized with the scraper lifts the platform for manure removal up and sets after cleaning back in position. A clean solution.  

For alley widths from 200 up to 500cm

Electronic control system

An easy-to-use SPS technique controls the operation – either automatically or manually. All the required parameters e.g. running time or alley length can be programmed. This will include anti-freeze protection, discharge flaps and herding fence function. A traction monitoring controls the wear of drive wheels, steel chain and corner wheels.

Drive unit

Robustly constructed and made of high-quality materials, BEEREPOOT drive stations impress with their maintenance-friendly and sustainable efficiency. Equipped with a powerful 0.75 kW motor, 13 mm manganese steel chain and integrated tightening system, even large alley lengths can be mastered without difficulty.

Scraping speed: 4m/min.

Automatic chain tightener

Optionally, the drive units of our manure handling systems can be equipped with an automatic chain tightener, which regulate constantly the chain tension for an optimized scraper run. 500mm Hub / ca. 500kg.  In daily use, the highest functionality and operational safety are guaranteed.