Always accurate quality in mind

In order to have the best possible cattle husbandry and to achieve successful construction work, we produce necessary parts for the installation of the barn. That’s what our metal working plant is specialised in. In Nortmoor (East Frisia, North Germany), we benefit from the various synergies that have been established in close co-operation with consultants and farmers. Thus, we can assure a continuing development of our competency, producing ideal metal parts and maintaining machinery which enhances flexibility, increases quality and keeps prices stable.

CNC welding robot
By implementing a CNC welding robot, we have become even more efficient. Equipped with two work benches (620cm and 350cm), flexible to switch and 360° rotatable. Thus, parts can be welded from above and below. Quick runs with high quality of welding seams reduce manual refinishing and approve our quality control.

Bending machines  
Precision is trump, as well as flexibility during the work process. This we achieve by using hydraulic bending machines for cold forming of shapes, steel and high-grade steel pipes in 1”, 1,5” and 2”. Different radii for standard and custom-made products are possible to meet individual demands of our customers.

Steel cutting 
Producing a multitude of shapes in a quick and precise way enhances flexibility and the quality of our metals during the process. That’s why we combine our cutting tools for steel shapes with the laser cutting machine of one of our business partners. This ensures precise product series and quick running time even for special designs.