Your satisfaction is our mission

All work processes in the barn are flawless. The cattle are taken care of. From cubicles to feeding fences, water supplies and manure removal. We offer complete solutions for every barn. Our philosophy, to always keep improving, refers to high quality products as well as substantial services for our customers.


Before starting new projects or reconstruction, it is all about one thing: information. It’s about the answers and solutions of your individual ideas which consider functions, economics and the well-being of your cattle. Besides info material and customer support, we also have our consultants or local business partner at your disposal.

Planning and measures

By having more than 50 years of experience, lots of satisfied farmers and the opportunity to create conventional as well as unconventional ideas, we are the perfect partner for your projects. We support farmers and architects from scratch with complete consulting and planning solutions. From measuring on site to detailed CAD designs for new buildings or reconstruction of your barn.

Delivery and assembly

The date is set. Both for the launch of your barn equipment and for the delivery of the required components. Many products of the BEEREPOOT product line are designed for DIY assembly. Nevertheless, if it comes to more complex installations, technical or constructional adjustments, our assembly team will be there to lend a hand. With experience and rolled up sleeves.

Extras and repairs

Deliberate planning considers every detail of your barn. Many of our installations are at least 20 years old and still in use. It’s clear that something can break as well. If you happen to any damage or changes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Beerepoot’s metal parts are compatible for longevity and our factory also produces special requests for replacement.